Fungo Box,
mushrooms born from coffee grounds.

Fungo Box is the first circular economy project of  Il Giardinone Cooperativa Sociale, born in 2016 thanks to the collaboration with Lavazza e Novamont. We collect coffee grounds from local bars for the domestic coltivation of fresh mushrooms. From waste, a new resource!

Social impact

Our experience is not limited to the collection and valorization of waste into new resources. In fact, we believe that the circular economy is a fundamental tool in generating a social impact: thanks to circular economy projects we promote activities of inclusion and promotion of diversity.

Why coffee grounds?

We have identified coffee grounds as a very interesting waste. Not only it retains its nutritional richness (it still contains 99.8% of the nutritional components of coffee), but also some cleanliness (the very high temperature of the water in the coffee machines sterilized it). Our project is also designed to be completely circular: after the production of mushrooms the compost becomes an excellent natural fertilizer for soil.

In a few words


The Do-it-yourself kit for growing your own mushrooms in two weeks. Open, water Fungo Box every day, collect and cook it!


The base of the kit is made from coffee grounds. Fungo Box promotes circular economy: from waste to a new resource!


There is no risk of other mushrooms growing in place of  your Pleurotus. We have developed total traceability of  the supply chain.


Fungo Box is exciting and educational: from children to adults, it shows the cycle of nature and the value of waste.


Any problems with cultivation? We offer assistance and evaluate the status of your kit Fungo Box together.

Pack Fungobox

The numbers of our work

Kgs of coffee grounds collected since 2016
Kit Fungo Box sold since 2016

Our projects

European Projects

fungo box mushrooms coffee

We partecipate in European Projects such as Go-Circular under the Erasmus+ program.


fungo box mushrooms coffee

We organize training sessions with the involvement of local schools and institutions.


fungo box mushrooms coffee

We commit partnerships to replicate our circular model through coffee waste recovery.